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Great tricks for writing a university-level research essay - 2022 Guide

During the academic journey, you would have to deal with many types of assignments, such as different research essays, term papers, reflection papers, and book reviews. Being a college student, you will need to write at least one research essay for each course during your undergraduate degree. Your semester grades highly depend upon your performance in these essays; therefore you would need to develop exceptional research and analytical skills to write a high-quality research essay. You can take help or mentorship from this essay writing service.

A research essay is a formal piece of writing, which is based on thorough research, aimed at the exploration of further information about the chosen topic. It can be an expository form of essay where you are just presenting the facts objectively and presenting both sides of the argument. It can also be a persuasive essay, where you are trying to persuade the audience to convince them that your side of the argument is the right one. However, the facts, evidential information, and figures must be gathered with help of in-depth research concerning the topic. To secure an A+ grade on the course, you can consult an essay writer, to help you in the writing process of your research essay.

Amazing tips for writing a research essay

Basic elements of a research essay

For a college-level research essay, you must follow the proper format which should contain all the fundamental elements of an essay. For such an essay, you can follow the most commonly used five-paragraph structure. The key elements of this structure are as follows.

First paragraph; the Introduction of the essay

In this paragraph, you will have to focus on two key elements, the attention getter and a thesis statement or the main claim. The attention-getter is the first sentence of the essay and is usually an interesting statement that helps you to grab the attention of the audience. The thesis statement informs the readers about your stance or position regarding the topic. It also represents your support or opposition regarding the two sides of the argument.

The thesis statement is your main claim regarding the topic, thus, the whole essay is focused on proving it valid and logical. Therefore, you will have to carefully devise the thesis. Since it is the backbone of your essay, you can consult an essay writing service to help you, if you are unable to formulate a strong thesis statement.

The main body of the essay, (three paragraphs)

Since you are following the five-paragraph essay structure, you must arrange the important information in three body paragraphs. Therefore, break down your thesis statement into three main ideas. Each paragraph of the body section must address a different idea. However, these paragraphs must contain evidential information that is focused on re-addressing your thesis statement.

Each paragraph must be started with a topic sentence, followed by the evidence, and then your analysis. Transitional words and phrases must be used to enhance the coherent flow of the essay. A well-organized structure should be followed to save the readers from a confusing flow of thoughts.

Fifth paragraph; the conclusion of the research essay

The last paragraph restates the thesis statement and is focused on presenting the summary of all the main points.

list of references or the bibliography

The list contains all the essential details for the sources used in the essay. Although it is not considered a must-added part of the essay, you should add the bibliography to validate the information you have borrowed from the works of essay writer. You can also follow your teacher’s command on adding or omitting this section.

Do’s and Don’ts of a research essay

Understand the topic

Before writing the essay, read and understand your teacher's instructions regarding the choice of the topic. It might direct you regarding which aspect or dimension of the topic is to be covered.

Conduct preliminary research

Before starting the writing process, conduct rigorous research regarding the different viewpoints about your chosen topic. For instance, it might help you to understand why some people are opposing a certain policy, which you are in support of.

Outline the essay properly

Planning the essay can save you from distracting yourself from the original subject matter of the topic. Use clear yet short phrases and bullet points to save your time, when formulating the outline. You can also take help from a professional just by saying "write my essay".

Record the sources

Use an online app to record and organize all the sources that you will be using for the validity of your arguments. It can save your time by automatically saving all the sources.

Committing logical fallacies

Avoid making illogical arguments and presenting invalid explanations to support your stance. The use of emotive language is also strictly prohibited when writing academic essays.

Overlooking writing mechanics

Writing mechanics are the established grammatical and sentence formation rules that must be followed when writing an academic piece of writing. These simple errors can make or break your essay’s impression on the readers.

Using informal language and slang

When writing an academic essay, you should not excessively use jargon, unless deemed necessary. Similarly, informal language or day-to-day conversational vocabulary should not be used in the essay. Contractions are also prohibited in the academic write-up.

Review of the research essay


and proofread the essay multiple times to avoid diction errors, before the final submission. You can also consult an expert and ask to write my essay if you think your essay is too bland to impress the teacher. You can also ask for an honest review and timely feedback from your peers to avoid any mistake, which can result in marks deduction.

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