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Live or Pre-recorded?

If your event is being broadcast from a spot with solid WIFI, pre-recording may ensure a good, high-quality broadcast of the performance.  Each performance is recorded personally by Sunshine specifically for your event, in the same Tokyo studio where Sunshine will be available before and after the show, so the performance will feel live.  

We would prefer Sunshine to perform live...

Absolutely, if this is your preference, Sunshine will be happy to perform live - there is no change in price or anything else.

How much does a Rakugo performance cost?

Less than you might think!  There are a couple of variables, so please contact us and we will let you know!


Can I rebroadcast Sunshine's performance?

Yes!  Not all of your audience or members might be available during the live show, so our standard contract invites you to re-broadcast up to three more times.  If you need more, let's discuss!

Contact us for details or questions!